Vetsites Web Design

Vetsites Web Design
A full service consultant specializing in creating and maintaining Web sites
for the veterinary profession.

Why do you need a Web site?

Web sites create virtual communities with clients, friends and neighbours. This exciting new media is informational, interactive and dynamic! It's a 24 hour public relations tool. Your Web site will build on the relationship between you and your clients. Communication with your clients is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your clients expect you to have a Web presence.

Why hire "Vetsites"?
Vetsites is uniquely suited to create a Web site for your clinic or practice. In addition to our Web site design experience, we have veterinary expertise.

"Vetsites" is a developer who:
   understands how to create informational Web sites
   knows the Internet, Web sites and Web site design, and
   understands the technical and legal aspects of your business and will present them correctly.

"Vetsites" creates sites that:
   effectively deliver information
   are clear and simple
   are easy to navigate
   are highly organized
   are entertaining, interesting and enjoyable, and
   are appropriate for the profession.

Vetsites will do the lion's share of the work! lions

We know that you are busy. We will gather all the information, put it together in a way that your clients would understand and appreciate, design the site, and get it up and running with very little time and effort on your part.

We are accommodating. We will make changes to suit your needs and tastes, adapting to the ever-changing world of the Internet. After we have created your site and uploaded it, we will maintain the site, making additions and deletions as required. Dynamic content will bring your clients back to your virtual clinic time and time again!

We've earned our stripes! zebra

We're experienced at Web design and have already created many sites.
If you want to see some of our work, contact us and we will show you our portfolio.

We look forward to working on your Web site soon!